Earth and Environmental Science—Geoscience-Geographic Information Science (GIS), Certificate

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About This Degree

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GIS was developed in the 1960s and 1970s in response to the need for computer-based, mapping, analysis and decision, this 12-credit GIS Certificate program equips students with critical skills and knowledge through rigorous, hands-on coursework, followed by a capstone research/problem-solving experience. NJCU GIS-based projects (80+ since 1999) are frequently funded for our students, evidence of the value that organizations place upon those students able to use GIS.The requirements for admission to this degree track are Basic Computer Skills (Pre-Program Assessment) and Basic Math Proficiency (AUR Math requirement).

Gainful Employment Disclosure: Geo Information Science

NJCU GIS Alumni Success Stories

"The NJCU/GIS program prepared me to analyze complex data sets from various industries such as Electric Utility, Telecommunications and Health Care. This experience gave me the insight to better manage and operate my own small business…”  Patricia Durning, LLC, Management Consulting, East Brunswick, NJ

"I can honestly say that I owe my entire career to the GIS program at NJCU.  Had you asked me while I was a Junior in College if I would be working in the water utility industry for the last 10+ years, I would have had a very confused look on my face.  Thanks to the hands-on training I received in the program I obtained an internship while still in school.  That gave me an advantage in the job market after graduation and I was lucky to find a job right away as a GIS analyst.  I was able to grow my knowledge in the water utility industry to progress to operations management.  Having a GIS background allows me to provide a more technical viewpoint on traditional issues that face our industry.  A key example is using ESRI software for data collection and move away from paper forms using custom made applications." Gregory DeSimone, Operations Assistant Supervisor, The Southeast Morris County Municipal Utilities Authority

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